Our Services

Our services address a healthcare provider’s key concerns in the industry today.

  • COMPLIANCE:  Healthcare providers are under much scrutiny from many sources. This can include those that regulate healthcare nationally to the patients they treat. Healthcare is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. The regulations are complex, in constant change and if not followed can hold heavy fines and additional penalties.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Healthcare providers continue to seek advances in clinical and practice management technologies. This includes the electronic health record (EHR). Unfortunately for many providers the implementation of the EHR is not always smooth. A less than optimal implementation can result in reductions in clinical and administrative productivity, gross charges and net revenues, jeopardize data integrity and reporting, and place the provider at compliance risk.
  • DILIGENCE: Healthcare deals continue to grow through provider mergers and acquisitions. But many deals are executed without considering the compliance risks that may be present within the target itself. The value of the deal of a healthcare provider is primarily focused on historical billings, revenues and collections of healthcare services rendered. If a provider is over or understating their value, the acquirer may not only be affected financially but could also inherit compliance issues that themselves can carry civil and monetary penalties. We work closely with the investor to understand the potential compliance risk of the provider to be acquired.
  • INTEGRITY: Healthcare providers experience constant change within their organization. With change can come confusion and miscommunication, both of which can lead to a breakdown in processes that result in decreased gross and/or net revenue.

We utilize professional expertise and knowledge, in-depth data analytical approaches, remote assistance and on-site assessment capabilities to complete engagements timely and to the client’s expectations. Click Here to view some of our recent engagements.