Billing Compliance Concierge

Having a compliance program is one thing, demonstrating effectiveness is another

Our Billing Compliance Concierge Services provides healthcare providers with a structured compliance program, administered by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Compliance professionals are hard to find, and the cost can often be prohibitive for smaller providers to invest in a single position. Without a structured and monitored program, providers place themselves at compliance and financial risk.

How it works:

  1. Call with Luna HCA Senior Advisor to assess compliance program needs of Client.
  2. Luna HCA designs a tailored program for Client review and approval.
  3. Luna HCA implements program in collaboration with Client.
  4. Luna HCA administers and oversees the program through regularly updated work plans, policies and procedures, auditing and monitoring activities, and hotline log management.
  5. Luna HCA provides communication to top executive management, including status updates for work plan items, hotline trend management and issue resolution, areas of potential risk, and recommendations to update annual work plan activities.

What you get:

  • Top experts at reduced costs
  • 24/7 compliance hotline support
  • A tailored program to meet the needs and risks of YOUR business
  • A library of billing compliance policies and procedures
  • Updated annual work plan based on OIG, CERT, CMS and contractors, and other industry hot topics
  • Work plan activity audit templates, instruction and executive reports (we can also perform the audits too!)
  • The ability to demonstrate compliance effectiveness to payers, the government and investors

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